Welcome to Commercial Divers Network International, one of the leading authority on certification and training for commercial divers.

We are deeply passionate about the underwater industry and committed to give divers the best training possible to help them succeed in the diving industry since 2019.

Our active and practical teaching style ensures that our divers acquire the knowledge and abilities they need, as well as the self-assurance they need to explore new depths and thrive in demanding underwater settings.

We at Commercial Divers Network International think education should be a thrilling experience. Our training courses are made to be interesting, interactive, and pleasurable, so that learning is joyful from beginning to the end. Our skilled instructors contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm, fostering an atmosphere that promotes development, teamwork, and love for the underwater world.

We provide a variety of courses and qualification programmes to fit your needs, whether you're an ambitious diver looking to start your journey or a seasoned professional wishing to improve your skills.

Join our diving community to realise your potential for a lucrative and thrilling career in the diving field. With Commercial Divers Network International, plunge into the future. "Together, let's explore the depths, make waves, and dive with confidence!" Let's go CDNI!



Training Programmes

To give aspiring commercial divers the knowledge and credentials they need, our training centre provides a wide choice of specialised programmes. Diverse facets of commercial diving are covered in our curriculum, including underwater welding, salvage work, underwater inspections, and more. In order to give our students real-world experience in replicated settings, we prioritise practical training.


Expert Instructors

At our training facility, we are aware of the importance of skilled, experienced teachers in developing the next generation of commercial divers. Our team is made up of highly qualified experts with vast industry knowledge. They conduct interesting and efficient training sessions by bringing a plethora of real-world knowledge and experience to the classroom. Every student receives individualised attention, mentoring, and direction from our professors, which promotes their growth and development.


Modern Facilities and Equipment

We take pride in keeping our training facilities up to date and fully furnished. Modern diving apparatus, simulations, and safety measures are available at our facility to provide a safe and effective training environment. To stay up with technological advances, we continuously update our equipment, giving our students access to tools and equipment that are used in the business.