Commercial divers: An aspiration of Rizal and Jakobsin was universal access to affordable commercial diving education. Unfazed, they gave their all to developing a ground-breaking approach. They overcome challenges and started their training effort with the help of the diving community. Emboldened by the prospect, aspirant divers from various backgrounds came to enlist. The success of the programme was demonstrated by the graduates' successful careers. The tale of Rizal and Jakobsin became well-known, spurring similar campaigns everywhere. Their perseverance and vision changed people's lives and served as a reminder to others that knowledge and dreams should have no bounds.



They set their sights on the commercial diving sector, one of the most difficult and dangerous careers, united by a love of exploration and a desire to push themselves. They endured intense training, pushing themselves to the limit both physically and mentally, with unwavering resolve. Together, they confronted the ocean's depths, overcoming their fears and embracing the unknowable. Their bravery and tenacity paid off as they established new careers, making their ambitions come true and encouraging others to follow their own paths of adventure and fulfillment.




They polished their talents day after day, pushing themselves above their comfort zones through patience and drive. They grasped the opportunity with unflinching confidence when it presented itself. Their efforts paid off, taking them to heights they could never have imagined. Their remarkable journey served as a monument to the strength of resiliency and the unshakeable conviction that perseverance can really be the spark that turns losers into winners.



Commercial diving communities came together, advancing knowledge and skills for the benefit of upcoming dives. We explore further together, exchanging knowledge and revealing new frontiers. We fortify our ties from sea to sea, leaving a legacy that inspires the following generation. Enter, ascend, and establish a lasting connection.




With a dynamic diving community, set out on an underwater adventure. Their laughter resonates throughout the ocean as they dive together into exhilarating depths. They inspire interest in the next generation by divulging knowledge about the wonders of the ocean. Explore with friends, plunge into the unknown, and create lifelong experiences.


A noteworthy journey in the world of professional training started when Divestuff International Sdn Bhd's cutting-edge training module was introduced to local Malaysian colleges. These esteemed institutions welcomed the module with open arms, understanding its value and potential to give students practical skills. As the training module found its place in the curriculum, a spirit of collaboration and growth permeated the campuses. Together, they embarked on a search for knowledge and gave rise to a generation of professionals who were well-versed in their fields and ready to explore under the surface and make waves in the commercial diving world.