Hallman bin Sabri 

Sarawak Skills Development Centre
Executive Director


TS. Syuhaira binti Mohd Din 

Sarawak Skills Miri
Campus Director



Ahmad Rizal bin 

Mohamed Rashid


Jakobsin Badit


Amdan bin Abdul Bakar


Lt Kdr Hj Mohd Souafi bin
Mohamed (Retd.)


Ahmat Najah bin


Raja Adam bin 

Raja Alang



Mohd Alui bin Omar 

Experience the deep blue with our seasoned commercial diver instructor, who will shape you into an unstoppable force below the surface.


Ahmad Saifuddin bin
Ahmad Shapawi

With the help of our dependable commercial diving instructor, "dive deep and rise high," carefully and precisely shaping your abilities.

Fatin Nadzirah binti
Mohd Arsad

Travel the world of commercial diving like never before with our fun-loving instructor, fusing knowledge and entertainment for an unforgettable underwater adventure!

Muhammad Hadi Azfar bin
Ali Bahrun

Unlock your potential beneath the waves with our forward-thinking commercial diving instructor and dive into a world of limitless possibilities.

Muhamad Shafik bin
Mohd Pesal

Enter the underwater industry that our vivacious commercial diving veteran has created, where prowess and grins command attention.

Muhammad Arieff bin

Dive headfirst into excitement with our dynamic commercial diving master, making every lesson a splash-tacular adventure!

Lokman Hakim bin Othman

Explore unknown waters with our engaging commercial diving instructor, opening the door to a rewarding profession in the ocean.

Amir bin Bustamin

Unlock the depths of your potential by diving in with our skilled commercial diving trainer.

Syaqim Aggie bin Sazali

With the help of our enthusiastic commercial diving instructor, explore a new world under the water as they help you plot your road to success.